Euroline Sport Horses Inc.

Supplier of top quality sport horses to international riders, trainers and breeders.

"Let us introduce you to your dream equine partner!"

We pride ourselves in being suppliers of top quality sport horses to international riders, trainers and breeders. Our client base, and reputation, is solidly established throughout North America, Eastern and Western Europe, The United Kingdom, Asia, Africa and Australia.

A uniquely and carefully selected array of Jumpers, Dressage horses, Hunters and Eventers are available for sale. Approved breeding stallions, elite broodmares, as well as young stock are also available

The larger selection of our horses are located in The Netherlands, which is the original family operation for generations. However, we are extremely pleased to announce that we now have set up operations in Calgary, Alberta Canada in addition to our Dutch roots.

We are able to offer our clients a full service "shopping experience", and assure a fantastic selection of horses within the discipline and level required. Vet reports, competition records, and proof of bloodlines and registration for all horses viewed can be made available at anytime. We are also extensively experienced with, and are able to arrange, all pre-purchase vet examinations and exportation requirements for our horses upon sale.

We are a family run and managed operation, so therefore can guarantee the personal touch and complete knowledge of all horses, and have prided ourselves in being high quality recognized breeders, approved stallion producers, trainers, and competitors to the highest level of equine sport.

It would be our absolute pleasure, and delight, to assist you in finding your ideal and desired equine partner.

A little piece of inspiration;

"What a long night this is! I will not trade my horse for any that walks on four legs. 

He leaps from the ground as if his insides were light as hairs. 

He's a flying horse, a Pegasus, breathing fire out of his nostrils. 

When I sit astride him, I soar, I am a hawk. 

He trots on air. The earth sings when he touches it. The lowest part of his hoof is more musical than Pan's pipe. 

He is the colour of nutmeg. And hot as ginger. 

He is an animal worthy of Perseus. He is pure air and fire. 

The duller elements of air and water have no part in him, except in the moment of patient stillness when his rider mounts him. 

He is indeed worthy of the name 'horse,' and you can call all the rest beasts."


Jumpers and hunters - from green started to Grand Prix level. For juniors to professionals.


Dressage horses - from green started to Grand Prix level. School masters for juniors to horses suitable for top level professionals.

Young Stock

Young stock - jumper, dressage, hunter, and event bred young stock of the highest quality.